Spencer Setter™ History

The Spencer Setter™ was first introduced to machine shops in 1981. This tool setter can be used to replace old methods of tool length measurement. In as little as 10 seconds this device can be used to set tool offsets accurately. Included in this package is a CNC software program that assists your operator in accurately measuring and recording tool lengths into the CNC memory.

In the past most cutting tools for CNC machines were set using shim stock pieces of paper or gauge blocks to touch off cutting tools for machine setups.

Reducing set up times is a major problem for Machine Shop Owners.

The Spencer Setter™ has been used to reduce set up times in every shop that has used this device. In one shop alone, set up time has been reduced 40 hours and has drastically reduced their scrap rate. Once a tool is measured, the value of the tool length offset can be transferred and used in all machines with the same tool shank size. For example, all CAT 40 taper tools are interchangeable with each other.

This has been accomplished in a shop that had over 137 machines with the same taper. This was a savings of over $44,000 per machine per year.

Small tools as little as .002 diameter can be successfully measured without chipping or breaking.

Laying the Spencer Setter™ on its side can be used to measure a tool’s diameter for cutter comp calculations. Also, accurate settings can now be set for boring heads.


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