I established Steve Spencer Machinery in 1995 after spending over 25 years in machine shops as a machinist  — programming, operating, and repairing over 200 types of cnc and conventional machines. In my career I have installed over 300 machines and have trained over 2500 people in the industry. My background as a college graduate from the best machine tool school in the U.S. has given me the knowledge to make all shops that I help more successful.



To provide a machine tool service to the industry that was more than the repair of machine tools. This additional service was to include operator training, program training, fixture design, and turn key applications.



My company will equip itself with all of the tools necessary to complete the repair of a machine tool as quickly as possible. If I do not have the tool I will either buy it or build one in my machine tool service center. And if the part can not be purchased, I will make the part from scratch in my machine shop. If your machine is not running it is costing you money.


Additional Services

I will be constantly building devices to help the manufacturing industry. Currently, the setup time on machine tools is taking far too long. To reduce setup time I am offering a tool measuring device called the Spencer Setter™. This 3.000 high block, used in conjunction with cnc software, can measure tools in both mills and lathes to produce parts as close as .0004 or better the first time. It eliminates z axis tool blending problems during milling of parts, tools, dies, and molds. Everyone that has this unit can now blend tools closer than .0002 the first time. It is as accurate as your machine tool can position. The indicator eliminates the feel issues created when paper, shim stock, and blocks are used to touch off tools. I know this because one of my services is re-grinding spindle tapers and rebuilding spindles that touching off too hard or incorrect offsets create costly machine tool repair.


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